Susana Rodrigues is a versatile and dramatically trained actress who was born in Viseu, Portugal but currently resides in the UK.

Due to her parents love for travelling, she was blessed enough to have visited a number of countries in Europe, including France, Spain and Switzerland, where she resided with her family for a year. However, at the age of 11, her parents finally decided to settle in London, England where she grew up and lived in most of her life.

Susana was born into a family heritage of artistic talent. Her father was part of an 80s Portuguese rock band, 'Frequency', who were very successful nationwide. Her cousin has had national success as a chef, which has included TV apperances and filmed cooking workshops and another family member has found her calling as a talented newspaper journalist. So although as a child Susana Rodrigues dreamed of being a scientist, it was only natural that she would eventually end up on the path of dramatic arts.

Her career began as a child in primary school, where she joined an all-female dancing group made up solely of her classmates. Here, she became one of the main choreographers of the contemporary dance shows that she would perform in alongside the other girls. For four years she would practice with her colleagues and this became their full time activity out of school hours. She also had the opportunity to perform in various school productions, often taking place to celebrate major holiday festivities.

As a teenager, she went on to perform in various semi-professional theatre productions as well as being selected from a group of three hundred students to join the final line up of twenty individuals who became the official school choir. Being part of the choir helped her develop her own voice and style which, in turn, led to singing opportunies outside of school, both with independent bands and on different stages in London.

Because of her love for singing, she decided to pursue a vocal career. So, when it came to choosing her exams, she embarked on a music course to soon discover that the music teacher was unavailable for the rest of the year. Fate had thrown her a curveball. Concerned that she As an alternative, she decided to study media instead and was glad she did because firstly, the teacher didn't turn up but more importantly, it was here that she developed her first passion for films.

From then on her passion grew, culminating in her studying Media and Film Production and then joining the Drama Centre London, part of the University of the Arts, where she studied acting, acting coaching and directing on a Masters Degree.

For the last ten years, she has been building her resume both as an actress and film director; growing, developing and expanding her skills.

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